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Address: 8th and B, National City, CA
Size: 100,000 SF
Number of Units: 108
Developer: Malick Infill Development
Co-Development Partner: Protea Properties
Architect: Miller Hull Partnership

Downtown National City is poised to take a major leap forward in becoming the next great urban neighborhood. With its small town vibe, local character, existing services and proximity to both the Navy and the heart of San Diego’s downtown, National City has an opportunity to develop a vibrant urban center uniquely its own.

8th & B is a development that recognizes this potential and is designed to be a launch point for the urban lifestyle. Great variety is offered for both retail and residential typologies within the building. To succeed in an emerging urban location, the development team understands the importance of activating the street and curating retail opportunities at a range of scales, promoting both attainable options for local businesses and variety for its customers. Each street facade is designed to respect the successful parts of the existing architectural fabric while looking to catalyze the future of a more walkable, 24/7 urban life.