Andrew Malick Speaks to C3 Organization on Density

Yesterday, Andrew Malick spoke to the C3 Organization (Citizens Coordinate for Century 3) on the topic on density. The event was part of the C3 monthly breakfast series. Flanked by urban planner Howard Blackson, affordable housing advocate Stephen Russell, and TOD developer Michael Dieden, the panel discussion was moderated by Omar Passons of the Jacobs Center. The title of the program was, How will we house our future? Debunking the “D-word”. The panel discussed the propensity of our communities to absorb the housing units required to support future growth.

C3 is a non-profit advocacy group that is interested in elevating the level of urban design in San Diego County while protecting our valuable open space. They advocate for better coordination between the public and private sectors in managing our growth. The organization is over 50 years old and has long been interested in balancing the environment, economic prosperity, and social well being. The mission statement of the organization:

[The C3] mission is to present objective information, constructive opinion and educational programs reflecting the deliberation of our members, and to weigh matters in view of their contribution toward the highest standards of environmental quality, physical design, economic benefit and social progress, according to principles set forth in Toward Permanent Paradise and, Sustainable Paradise.

The event was featured in an article titled, C-3 panel: Density not a bad word, published by The Daily Transcript.



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