Andrew Malick Lectures at New School of Architecture

Andrew Malick was invited as a guest lecturer to discuss his National City project and his thoughts on the Architect/Developer relationship.

From the studio brief:

The Integrated Design Studio created by Assistant Professor Daniela Deutsch and her instructional team for National City is a timely development in NewSchool’s evolution. From its humble beginnings—in the neighboring community of Chula Vista—NewSchool has actively sought opportunities for collaboration with cities and neighborhoods in the San Diego region. The relationship is symbiotic: students have an opportunity to interact with real clients with real needs and desires; communities benefit from the creative thinking students bring to design challenges.

The guiding principle of NewSchool’s programs is “Human- Centered by Design.” This simply means we must always consider those who use our buildings and spaces first. A studio such as this one brings the concept front and center in a unique and compelling way.

The Integrated Design Studio this fall will work with the City of National City on the implementation of its Downtown Specific Plan. And this work will take place within the framework of the AIA HN1M initiative.

The 2005 Downtown Specific Plan introduces the city with a description of Celebration.

“An oxyacetylene torch combines pure oxygen and acetylene to yield a flame of 3.480 degrees Celsius. It is the only mixture known that will burn hot enough to cut steel. National City knows this. National City cuts steel. National City builds, repairs, loads and sails ships. This 140 year old city on San Diego Bay embodies a proud and rich tradition of commerce and meaningful production. From the 32nd Street Naval Station to the National City Marine Terminal and along the Sweetwater Channel, National City flexes its considerable economic muscles with drama, poise and class.”

The Integrated Design Studio will focus on the needs and special characteristics of this diverse city of 58,000. The city is only 9 square miles and it is intensely built with an average density of 8.400 people /square mile. The average income is well below the median income of California. The city is growing, the question is how to manage that growth. The proximity of downtown San Diego puts certain kinds of pressure on the city., as does waterfront industrial development. How do you insure that National City gets the kind of growth and development that meets the needs of the city and the residents? That is the charge to the studio.

The Integrated Studio work will be an important component in the implementation of the city’s plans. And the studio work will be an important element in the HN1M initiative.


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