Risk Mitigation

Locally in San Diego county we have a housing crisis. But large scale projects become high profile targets for those that oppose development and are often delayed for years if not indefinitely. We choose to avoid a path with opposition by building modestly scaled projects that enhance the value of existing neighborhoods. Our projects work within the municipal guidelines and therefore avoid the discretionary process. This strategy allows for shorter project schedules with more predictable outcomes.

San Diego has many gaps to fill. We find opportunity in the gaps that most developers overlook.


Vertical Integration

Executing urban infill projects requires creative financing, streamlined implementation, and local knowledge. We are nimble, adaptive and engaged in the neighborhoods where we do business. Malick Infill’s vertically integrated model means that from acquisitions to lease up, their in-house team can perform most of the disciplines required to execute a project with less overhead. Where we don’t have the expertise or the resources we rely on long relationships with the best consultants in the industry as collaborators.

Malick Infill has experience building projects that are catalytic in affecting positive neighborhood change.


Andrew Malick, Director

Andrew Malick has nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate development industry. During his career he has worked in all three legs of the development process; construction, design, and development. He has direct experience in land acquisitions, land planning, entitlement processing, underwriting, debt & equity sourcing, design, project estimating, project management, construction implementation, lease-up, and property management.


Lambda Alpha International
Land Economics Society
2017 Inductee

Urban Land Institute,
San Diego/Tijuana Chapter
– Management Committee
– Co-Chair of the Small Scale Infill Development Council
– Young Leader of the Year 2014

San Diego Architecture Foundation
– Jury Member 2014 Orchids and Onions awards
– Orchids Award Nominee, 2013

Circulate San Diego Move Alliance
– Project Review Committee


Development Consulting
Clients included Lloyd Russell, AIA, Jonathan Segal, FAIA,  ACI Apartments
Services included design, underwriting, and construction management

Project Engineer at Webcor
Clients include Catullus Development Corporation, Charles Schwab, Lankford & Associates

Former Partner at Butler Malick Master Builders (BMMB)
Pioneered redevelopment efforts in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego with projects ranging in size from 4-17 units, which were catalytic in changing the neighborhoods they entered.


B.A. in Engineering
Trinity College

Master Degree in Urban Design
Master Degree in Architecture
Washington University, St. Louis

Master Degree in Real Estate Development
Woodbury University, San Diego